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List of Officers, Board of Directors & Neighborhood Reps


President: Heidi Utterback
Tel: 248-330-3785
Vice President: Tamara Vellozzo
Tel: 248-330-7112
Treasurer: David Fox
Tel: 734-776-2222
Secretary: Mary Anne Theriault
Tel: 248-421-6233
Executive Director: Mike Liess
Tel: 248-417-3122
Adviser Emeritas: Rick Utterback
Tel: 248-240-4684
Marketing Manager: Holli Woodard
Tel: 248-986-3544
If you have a question, comment or need some information, please feel free to contact any one of our Officers, Directors or Neighborhood Reps directly
Or, you can fill out the request form below. Just give us your name, email, subject and message to:  ​
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Board of Directors/Reps:​​​​​​​​​

Boulevard Sub​

Mary Anne Theriault ​​
Cell: 248-421-6233
Amber Patel
Cell: 248-837-9018
Crescent Island Sub
Cindy Nessen

Tel: 248-342-5850

Oakwood Grove No. 1
Marie Saukko

Tel: 248-363-8295

Tamara Vellozzo

Cell: 248-330-7112

Oakwood Grove No. 2

Andrew Sampson

Golfside Drive Sub
Nancy & Paul Lachner

Tel: 248-535-3294

Double Privilege Sub
Greg White


Tel: 248-210-8374

Russell Beach Sub
Scott Obrec
Tel: 734-673-7730
Levi Fishman
Tel: 248-974-8204
Between the Lakes Sub
Vic Thompson
Tel: 248-408-6608
Longcroft Sub

Blake VanBaalen

Tel: 248-408-6727

Twin Shores Sub
Vicki Wood


Tel: 248-330-8931

Switzerland Sub
CJ Smith
Tel: 734-735-9279

Huron Woods Sub
Teresa Vereris

Tel: 248-330-2939


Cooley Lake Road
David Fox
Tel: 734-776-2222
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