Dear Long Lake Property Owner,
Your annual dues  for Long Lake Homeowners Association are a mere $20.o0.  These dues cover the period from April 1, 2014 April 1, 2015  They pay for  administative costs and include things like printing, postage, web hosting,  domain name, water quality studies, marine patrol, and meeting room rental for our annual meetings.   Many hours of volunteer work is being done by our officers, board members and neighborhood reps enabling us to keep our dues low.   Please support our Association and pay your dues in addition to any monies that you  can donate to our Annual Fireworks Show Fund.
Donations for our 4th of July Fireworks Show Fund is on a volunteer basis and has been a true indicator of the great people that support our lake community.  Last year we covered all expenses for the Fireworks Show from donations made to this fund.  We hope to do the same again this year, and with your help we will!
Our  Fireworks Committee made phone calls, went-door-to-door, and sent out collection envelopes.  Please help us out and get your donations in as soon as possible. 
You have 3 ways to pay:
1) Bring check or cash to Annual Meeting May 18th
2) Give check or cash to your neighborhood rep
3) Send your check or drop it off at our Treasurer's
    Dawn Bause
    8564 Golfside Drive,
    Commerce Twp., MI 48382
    Tel: 248-363-8223
Long Lake Homeowners Association (LLHOA)
Any amount is appreciated, and every donation helps, however these are our patron levels:  Bronze $50, Silver $100, Gold $250, and Platinum $500 or more.
Last year we received donations from 157 homepwners and some gave twice.  Here is a list of donors who contributed to our 4th of July Fireworks Show for 2011 and 2012.   We all need to pat ourselves on the back because together we are making this happen.   We are so grateful and "Thank You" all for being "Friends of Long Lake!"

NOTICE:  The donors names for 2013 will soon be posted.  If your name is not listed and you gave please contact the Treasurer.



List of Donors for 2012 Fireworks Show on Long Lake (as of 7/10/12)
We did it!  We raised all the money we needed for this  year and got the deposit for next year too.  Thank you so much.

Abele, Gil - Cooley Lake Road

Albers, Joan - Immensee

Allen, Barbara - Point

Aselage - Point

Askew, Diane - Portlock

Bahm, Mark and Jill -Aquaview

Banas, Kurt and Debbie - Grinshaw

Bause, Fred and Dawn -Golfside

Beasley, Jim and Sherry -Golfside

Behme, David - Point

Belanger, Jeff - Van Gordon

Bell, Barry and Terry - Gittens

Bell, Barry and Terry - Gittens

Bersche, Terri - Hibbing

Bollnger, Linda -Point

Boos, Franz and Alice - Aquaview

Boss, Nancy -Point

Brady, Pat & Joyce - Point

Brown, James - Golfside

Bulthuis, Pete and Martina -Golfside

Bundt, Inge - Flagstaff

Bundy, Gayle -Baylis

Bunzeluk, Malea & Jim - Golfside

Carlson, Kirt & Shannon -Gittens

Chapeneaux, Pepi & Tammy - Point

Chorkey, Linda ?

Ciesinski, Brian -Aquaview

Clappison, Linda and Frank -  Switzerland Dr.

Cooley Lake Inn - Cooley Lake Road

Cosgrove, Charlie - Golfside

Dean, Toni and John - (Street ?)

Delaney, Wendy & Charles ?

Don - Alsup

Debenedictus, Doreen - Point

Downing, Jane - Golfside

Dunn, Joel - Cooley Lake Road

Dusang, Elisabeth & Scott - Point

Early, Lucy - Golfside

Edmonds, Charles ?

Ellis, Sue and Jim - Point

Fishman, Levi - Immensee

Forhan, Greg & Jan - Oakside

Frank, Anna -Midwood

Franke, Brian & Kara - Orrick

Fritts, Mark & Barb - Midwood

Garolflo, Carmella - Russel Beach

Gaska, J.Z. - Alsup

Gerds, Robert & Diane - Switzerland

Girnotti, Phil - Russell Beach

Goodwillie, Marie - Cooley Lake Road

Gogowski, Randy & Laureen - Longcroft

Greig, Donna - Russell Beach

Griemert, Gerhard - Portlock

Griffith, Jenn & Mike -Thorndale

Grix, Jill ?

Guenther, Tom and Eve - Oakside

Guidici, Joanne - Aquaview

Halprin, L & L - Gittens

Hart, Linda - Point

Hays, Jeri - Longcroft

Helberstadt, Doug & Kelly - Oakside

Helzer, Donna - Longcroft

Holznecht, Joel & Lisa - Gittens St.

Horst, Mick - Russel Beach

Imhoff, Mary - Immensee

Jenkins, Jim and Jane (Midwood)

Johnson, Erick - Thorndale

Kassab, Laith & Lulubeth - Gittens

Keller, Joe & Katherine - Cooley Lake Rd.

Kennedy, Diane and Jo - Shadypoint

Kerbawy, Kris - Alsup

Knight, Fay - Point

Koche, Terri- Oakside

Krasman, Barbara & Manus - Point

Kress, Gail - Alsup

Kuehn, Stephen -Gittens

Lachner, Nancy & Paul - Golfside

Lanyi, Rex ?

Law, David - Cooley Lake Road

Lendzion, Steven -Gittens

Leonetti, Sonny - Russel Beach

Liess, Micheal - Longcroft

Lit, Joyce - Immensee

Lominac, Dennis and Alisha-Gittens

Longanbach, Tom - Longcroft

Longcroft Sub

Mackey, Karen - Switzerland

Magie, Suzanne - Oakside

Maynard, Kenneth ?

McLean, Bob - Golfside

McWiliams, Keith/ Gill, Katherine  -Cooley Lake Road

Merline, Nicole - Golfside

Mesner, Anthony - Gittens

Moran, M.E. - Gittens

Michalik, Brian - ?

Midwest Landsacpe Group, Inc. -Union Lake Road

Morrow, Crystal & Michael ?

Murphy, Debra - Hibbing

Nicols, Sue - Russell Beach

Odette, Allison -?

Oliver, Dorothy - Paris

Paler, Leon - Longcroft

Patel, Parthiv - Thorndale

Phillips, Alex & Troy - Point

Piro, Diane and Carl - Double Priviledge

Polzin, Michael & Karen - ?

Potocsky, Christine- Point

Rabaut, Marsha - Immensee

Ralko, Marie & Ron - Golfside

Reid, Mark -

Richardson, Dawn - Paris

Robinette, Thomas - Golfside

Russell Beach

Saukko, Marie - Aquaview

Serafin, Don - Shadypoint

Shine, Mary Pat - Midwood

Sluka, Dick and Joann - Golfside

Smith, Dick and Linda - Golfside

Smith, Matt - Russell Beach

Soffa, Ryan - Point

Souldourain, Leo & Elouice

Sovel, Rick - Golfside

Stevens, Carolyn- Russell Beach

Stevens, Don - Cooley Lake Road

​Stocker, Jaculine - Cooley Lake Rd.

Stun, Mark -Russell Beach

Thompson, Vic - Cooley Lake Road

Trowbridge, Carrie - Lagoon

Trzos, Michael  - Switzerland

Utterback, Cole, Austin, & Hunter

Utterback, Rick & Heidi

Vanderwill, Ray and Janice - Immensee

Wallace, Laurie - ?

Walker, Corinne & Bernd - Golfside

Warren, Doug & Linda - Golfside

Webber, Pete - Baylis

Weisbrod James & Janet - Portlock

Wheeler, Bill & Linda - Oakside

White, Nicole - Thorndale

Whitt, Patricia - Point

Whittaker, Ed - Baylis

Wilson, Heidi & Brent -Lagoon

Wood, Vicki - Van Gordon

Wysocki, Bruce & Schenk,Theresa - Golfside

Amazing Friends of Long Lake

List of Donors for 2013 Fireworks Show on Long Lake (as of 4/30/13)

​Friends of Long Lake
List of Donors for 2011 Fireworks Show on Long Lake

Abele, Gilbert (Cooley Lake Rd.)
Allen, John and Reneee (Golfside)
Aselage, Jane (Point)
Askew, Diane and Scott (Portlock)
Bahm, Marc and Jill (Aquaview)
Bambrough, Rob (Coolidge,Berkley)
Banas, Kurt &Deb (Russel Beach)
Bate, Dawn (Union Lake Road)
Bause, Fred and Dawn (Golfside)
Beasley, Jim and Sherry (Golfside)
Behme, David (Point) Cash
Bell, Barry (Gittens)
Bell, Barry (Gittens)
Bersche, Terri (Hibbing)
Bollinger, Steve Linda (Point)
Boos, Franz and Alice (Aquaview)
Boss,Nancy (Point)
Brady, Patrick (Point)
Brown, James (Golfside Drive)
Budney, Gayle (Baylis)
Bulthuis, Martina (Golfside)
Bunzeluk, Malea (Golfside Drive)
Burdt, Inge (Flagstaff)
Burzynski, Ashely (Union Lake Rd.)
Calrson, Kirt and Shannon (Gittins)
Cash (Unknown)
Cash (Unknown)
Cash collected (Unknown)
Cash Dan (Alsup)
Chapuseax, Pepi (Point)
Chorkey, Linda (Oakside)
Ciesinski, Brian (Aquaview)
Cieslak, Bob (Point)
Cieslak. Pat and Tom (Point)
Clappison, Linda (Switzerland)
Cochren, Deborah (Portlock)
Cosco Builders (Golfside)
Day, Linda (Switzerland)
Dean, Toni and John) ??
Debenedictus, Doreen (Point)
Deroche, Paul (Cooley Lake Rd.)
Dixon, Victoria (Thorndale)
Downing, Jean (Golfside)
Dusang, Scott and Elisabeth (Point)
Early, Lucy and Tom (Golfside)
Edmonds, Angela (Union Circle)
Edmonds, Angela (Union Circle) Cash
Ellis, Jim and Suzie (Point)
Fishman, Levi (Immensee)
Forhan, Craig and Janet (Oakside)
Fowler, Melissa (Cooley Lake Rd.)
Frank, Anna (Midwood)
Frank, Jo Anne (Orrick)
Frantz, Denise (Golfside)
Fritts, Mark and Barb (Midwood)
Gerds, Diane and Robert (Switzerland)
Gill, Katherine (Cooley Lake Rd.)
Gooding, John (Golfside)
Griffin, Mike (Thorndale St.)
Guidici, Joanne (Aquaview)
Gunther, Tom (Oakside)
Halprin, Linda (Gittens)
Helzer, Donna (Longcroft)
Henry, Katie (Van Gordon) Cash
Henry, Paul (Lagoon)
Hoffman, Jens (Lagoon) Cash
Holzknecht, Lisa (Gittins)
Hughes, Lynne and John (Aquaview)

Ilas, Matthew (Immensee)
Imhoff, Mary (Immensee)
Jenkins, James and Jane (Midwood)
Johnson, Eric (Thorndale)
Josephson, Diana (Point)
Kaplansky, Valerie ( )?
Kassab, Laith (Gittens)
Kennedy, Joe (Shadypoint)
Kerbawy, Kris (Alsup)
Kinsvater, Jeanne & Ken (Point)
Knight, Fay (Point)
Krasman, Manus MD (Paris)
Kress, Gail and Bob ((Alsup)

Kuehn, Steve (Gittens)
Kulongowski, Marjorie (Lagoon)
Lachner, Paul and Nancy (Golfside)
Lampe, Tim (Cooley Lake Rd.)
Laser, Steve and Kim (Longcroft)
Liess, Michael (Longcroft)
Lit, Mark and Joyce (Immensee)
Longanbach, Tom & Lynn (Midwood)
Majie, Steven (Oakside)
Maynard, Ken (Point)
McCue, Ed (Van Gordon)
McLean, Robert (Golfside)
Menard, Thomas (Point)

Merlin, Nicole (MTU) Golfside
Mesner, Gail (Gittens)
Milliken, Valerie (Point)
Murphy, Debra (Hibbing)
Nemes, Sean (Georgette)
Oliver, Dorothy (Paris)
Panasiuk, Alex and Patti (Golfside)
Parmeter, Tom (Golfside)

Patel, Partiv (Thorndale)
Pierce, Tammy (Lagoon)
Polzin, Michael (Fitzgerald St.)
Powers, Laura (Golfside Drive)
Rabaut, Peter and Marsha (Immensee)
Ralko, Marie (Golfside Drive)
Regintine, Cheryl & Gary (Longcroft)
Reid, Mark (Alsup)
Resetar, Pat (Gittens)
Richardson, Dawn (Paris)
Robinette, Thomas (Golfside)
Saukko, Marie (Aquaview)
Serafin, Donald (Shadypoint)
Shear, Peter (Nestlewood, FH)
Sherlock, Raymond (Shadypoint)
Sluka, Dick and Joanne (Golfside)
Sluka, Joanne (Golfside Drive)

Sly, Ron (Alsup)

Smith, Richard (Golfside)
Smolen, Dennis (Thorndale)
Souldourain, Leo (Meridan)
Souldourain, Leo (Meridan)
Spanberger, Andrea (Bayliss)
Stevens, Donald (Cooley Lake #304)
Thompson, Vic (Cooley Lake Rd.)
Tierney, Bernie (Switzerland) Cash
Trzos, Michael (Switzerland)
Utterback, Heidi and Rick (Flaggstaff)
Waldner, John (Aquaview)
Walker, Corinne (Golfside Drive)
Wallace, James and Laurie (?)
Walthall, Ann (Grinshaw)
Warren, Doug (Golfside)
Wheeler, Bill (Oakside)
Whitt, Patricia

Whittaker, Ed Jr. (Baylis)
Wilson, Heidi (Lagoon) Cash
Zalac, Terry (Point)